About Indo Fusion

Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk,
44175 West Twelve Mile Road,
Suite F-143, Novi MI, 48377,
(248) 946-4804

About Indo Fusion

Indo Fusion is a “susegado” restaurant. “Susegado” is a Portuguese word for a blasé, complacent attitude which Goans all over the globe can identify with though it doesn’t mean that they are less hardworking than the rest of people, it simply means that they love their recreation. At Indo Fusion we create the same feeling, so when you step into our restaurant, leave the rest of the world behind you, relax, enjoy this time out and most importantly be happy.

We, at Indo Fusion, aim to provide our customers with a relaxing time and authentic Goan cookery, which is a fusion of its Hindu origin and Portuguese. The Portuguese have influenced Goan gastronomy to a large extent and we now have a noticeable blend of Goan and Portuguese culinary delights. Goan cooking has an interesting amalgam of all the cultures it has come in contact with which come together in a burst of flavors to excite your palate. Goan food has an intense piquancy of various spices, coconut and palm vinegar. Our food will provide you with an array of tastes you will not forget in a hurry. We have further incorporated Indian along with this delectable art to make our food more flavorsome and enjoyable.

Indo Fusion’s Executive Chef has an extensive knowledge in Indian cuisine, specializing in Goan food. The years of experience in culinary arts and first hand skills gained from working in various restaurants around the world brings out the best of him and his restaurant “Indo Fusion”. Being Goan by origin, the preparation of Goan food will be as authentic as it gets and unquestionably second to none. Some of his Goan cooking abilities come from his family along with some very treasured family recipes.

Pork Sorpatel with sannas (rice cakes), Pork Vindaloo, Lamb and chicken Xacuti (pronounced as “Sha – koo-thee [Th as in theme]) are some of the few Goan dishes that are on the menu. You could also try our stone baked with-a-twist Indo Fusion pizzas. Here at Indo Fusion, we also serve an array of dishes that are popular in Northern and Southern India. We can assure you that our dishes are of the uppermost excellence and finest taste, prepared with fresh vegetables, meats and spices to create a unique palatable pleasure. We aspire to provide you with a variety of numerous exciting flavors and experiences that will keep you wanting more.

Be it any season, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, one will certainly enjoy the tempting mouthwatering Indian Mithai (sweets) as well as a humble spread of traditional Goan sweets. No good meal is complete without a good dessert and our variety of sweets is too hard to resist. One can choose from Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns, Barfi, etc. to get a real taste of the sweet side India. Goan sweets like Bebinca (a layered pudding, made out of flour, coconut milk, margarine and sugar), Dodol (a traditional Christmas sweet) made out of molasses, alle belle, a Goan pancake made out of coconut milk and flour, stuffed with fresh grated coconut and molasses.

Whatever your choice of appetizer, main course and dessert maybe Indo Fusion promises you a truly memorable dining experience.